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Female guests dance to traditional Iranian music at the wedding of Mahsa and Masoud on September 7, 2006 in Tehran. Men and women enjoy the reception separately in one large hall divided by a wall, and in the company of only other women, some remove their head scarves and long jackets revealing festive party dresses.
A theatre troupe rehearsing a children's show in a private house. For the first time on stage, men and women are allowed to dance together. All shows are normally viewed by the Islamic guidance censors. The introduction of a rock'n'roll scene in the script was possible thanks to the high profile of the director. This scene was not presented to the censors before the show. The play Sabz (green), written by Sharifinia, is directed by Mrs. Hajian. This play has enjoyed tremendous success, and is now being shown in schools. 2003
Young Iranians dancing at a more modern wedding party in Orumiyeh, North-West Iran, in spite of the strict Islamic regimes' rules that forbid such a thing. Seventy percent of Iranian population is under age of 35 and they are the ones who are going to determine Islamic regime's future. What interests them mostly is neither religion or politics, but the life according to the spirit of time.
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